Notice of Intent to propose an SMA Large Scale Project or ASIAA Key Project

Due to commitments to previously approved Larg Scale programs, we are not accepting SMA Large Scale proposals through the SAO pool for 2020B.

However, ASIAA Key Projects will be accepted for 2020B from eligible PIs.

The deadlines for ASIAA Key Projects for consideration in the 2020B cycle are:

  • Notice of Intent for ASIAA Key Projects: 2020 August 7 (Fri.) 24:00 CST
  • Full submission deadline: 11 Sept 2020 04:00 CST.

For consideration in a given cycle, this notice is required ahead of full submission, in advance of the deadline for regular proposals for that semester, as part of our preparation for the process of reviewing large scale project proposals (more information is here). Notices of Intent submitted here are for our informational purposes only and are not considered binding. If you are even considering proposing a large scale project, please submit this Notice. You are under no obligation to then submit a full proposal.

The project description in the NoI must include a brief scientific justification, an estimate of the time and observing conditions required to perform the observations and the rationale for the use of the SMA as opposed to another facility. The list of expected Co-I's is needed to avoid conflicts of interest in seeking expert reviewers.

Questions may be sent to sma [hyphen] largescale [at] cfa [dot] harvard [dot] edu.

Project Title:
Principal Investigator:
PI's email address:
(names and affiliations)
Project Description:

You will have the opportunity to review your information before making your submission final.