Current A-ranked Projects

A-ranked projects with tracks tracks in the queue or complete
Project IDP.I.TracksTitle (hover for abstract)
2020B-S011 Steven Willner1 Disentangling radiating particle properties and jet physics from M87 multi-wavelength variability
2020B-S053 Garrett "Karto" Keating8 Polarimetric VLBI with the Event Horizon Telescope
2020B-S056 Rohit Kondapally5 Revealing the nature of the most extreme, dusty, LOFAR-identified galaxies at 3
2020B-S004 David Clements2 Extreme Starbursts - the most rapidly star-forming galaxies in the universe (copied from 2019A-S003) (copied from 2019B-S003) (copied from 2020A-S005)
2020B-A003 Naomi Hirano2 Variability and proper motion of the L1448C(N) protostellar jet
2020B-S036 Kirsten Hall2 Constraining dust spectra and detecting hot quasar winds via the thermal Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect, Part 2
2020B-S035 Deanne Coppejans1 Constraining the Nature and Progenitors of the Fast Blue Optical Transients
2020B-S029 Anna Ho3 Long-lived, luminous millimeter transients from engine-powered stellar explosions in dense environments
2020B-A001 Wei-Hao Wang5 SMA STUDIES II: Unidentified SCUBA-2 Sources
2020B-S017 Maria Jesus Jimenez-Donaire1 Searching for Embedded Super Star Clusters in M82
2020B-S025 Romane Le Gal1 Sulfur Chemistry in Planet-forming Disks
2020B-A012 Yuji Urata1 Electro-magnetic wave candidate of IceCube Neutrino event
2020B-H001 Jonathan Williams5 Early Planet Formation in Embedded Disks
2020B-H003 Lennox Cowie4 A Uniquely Massively Star-forming Protocluster at z=3.15 in the GOODS-N
2020B-H004 Duncan Farrah4 A case study of an extraordinarily luminous starburst at z=2.5
2020B-S058 Giulia Perotti2 Mind the gap: linking ice and gas around R CrA (DDT for 2020B)
2020B-H002 Jason Hinkle8 Rainbow tide: multi-wavelength follow-up of tidal disruption events
2020B-S061 Venkatessh Ramakrishnan1 DDT: Polarimetric monitoring of the flaring blazar 1156+295

B-ranked tracks with successful observations:
Project IDP.I.TracksTitle (hover for abstract)
2020B-S001 Sara Beck2 Molecular Outflow and a Hot Superbubble in Haro 2 (copied from 2020A-S004)
2020B-S044 Logan Francis4 SMA Monitoring of the periodic outbursting protostar EC53
2020B-S019 Qizhou Zhang6 Magnetic Fields and protocluster formation
2020B-S007 Jamila Pegues1 SMA Survey of Chemistry in Herbig Ae/Be Protoplanetary Disks
2020B-S026 Feng Long8 Mapping the Gas Environment of Heavily Veiled Young Stars
2020B-S049 Mojegan  Azadi2 The Emission Mechanisms in the Progenitors of Massive Present-Day Ellipticals
2020B-S048 Hugo Messias1 Identifying the foreground absorber in PKS0347-211's line of sight
2020B-S031 Xing Lu4 Tracing the Gas Flow in High-mass Star Forming Filaments
2020B-A011 Kuiyun Huang3 Multi-frequency follow-ups of Short GRBs
2020B-A001 Wei-Hao Wang2 SMA STUDIES II: Unidentified SCUBA-2 Sources
2020B-A007 Ya-Lin Wu4 Probing the Giant Molecular Clouds in NGC 5055
2020B-S057 Charlie Qi8 Resolving the gas vertical structure of edge-on protoplanetary disks
2020B-S051 Seiji Fujimoto3 A Vigorously Star-forming Red Quasar Firstly Discovered at z>7
2020B-S045 Yue Cao1 Primordial fragmentation of high-mass star formation in 70 um-dark cores
2020B-S043 Allison Towner2 Characterizing MYSO Accretion-Outburst Candidates with the SMA

Current or completed Large Scale Programs spanning ALL semesters:
Project IDP.I.TracksTitle (hover for abstract)
2012B-S097 Qizhou Zhang3 Star Formation in the Central Molecular Zone
2013A-S079 Michael Dunham3 (p)MASSES: (pilot) Mass Assembly of Stellar Systems and their Evolution with the SMA
2013B-S091 Eric Keto61 CMZ
2014A-S093 Michael Dunham55 MASSES: Mass Assembly of Stellar Systems and their Evolution with the SMA
2017A-S060 Garrett "Karto" Keating50 The Millimeter-wave Intensity Mapping Experiment (mmIME)
2017B-S075 Jan Forbrich62 SMA Survey of Resolved Dust and Simultaneous CO Observations of GMCs in M31
2019A-A022 Shih-Ping Lai2 Mosaic Polarization Observations towards Star-forming Cores