Current A-ranked Projects

A-ranked projects with tracks in the queue or complete
Project IDP.I.TracksTitle (hover for abstract)
2022A-A003 Seamus Clarke1 Linking the fragmentation of clumps to the relative importance of gravity, turbulence and magnetic fields on multiple scales
2022A-A006 Wei-Ling Tseng6 Monitoring Io’s dynamical volcanic eruptions and their contributions to Jupiter’s magnetosphere (copied from 2021A-A004)
2022A-A007 Han-Tsung Lee2 Probe the multiscale magnetic field toward the filamentary infrared dark cloud SDC18
2022A-A008 Yuji Urata1 Electro-magnetic wave candidate of IceCube Neutrino event
2022A-A010 Han-Tsung Lee4 Multiscale B-field and fragmentation evolution of SDC18
2022A-A011 Chia-Ying Chung1 The evidence of smaller maximum grain sizes than we expected in protoplanetary disks
2022A-H001 Goran Sandell1 Finishing up the SMA study of the R Mon/NGC2261 molecular outflow
2022A-H002 Lennox Cowie4 Developing a sample of faint submm sources and determining their properties
2022A-H003 Jason Hinkle2 Rainbow tide: multi-wavelength follow-up of tidal disruption events
2022A-H004 Adwin Boogert5 Resolving disks in the massive protostellar binary W3 IRS5
2022A-S003 David Wilner2 An Imaging Survey of Forgotten Nearby Herbig Ae/Be Stars (redux)
2022A-S004 Gerrit Schellenberger1 Probing the high frequency variability of NGC5044: the key to AGN feedback
2022A-S007 Carlos Eduardo Muńoz-Romero3 Resolving the Chemical Evolution of Class 0/I Protostars in Perseus (Resubmission from 2021B-S039)
2022A-S008 Jennifer Bergner2 Molecular mapping of the chemically rich outflow B1-a (2022A)
2022A-S011 Feng Long2 Mapping the Gas Environment of Heavily Veiled Young Stars
2022A-S014 Giovanni G. Fazio3 Understanding the Evolution of Obscured Activity Out to z>3 — An Initial Phase SMA Survey of Submillimeter Sources in the JWST Time Domain Field
2022A-S018 Qizhou Zhang5 What drives the mini starburst in Sgr B2?
2022A-S022 Eric Koch4 A resolved molecular gas survey of the edge-on galaxy NGC 891
2022A-S023 Eric Koch4 Resolving the molecular gas fuelling IC 10’s starburst on 2.5 pc scales
2022A-S026 Todd Hunter5 Triggered follow-up of accretion outbursts in massive protostars (2022A)
2022A-S032 Sofia Wallström2 The Nearby Evolved Stars Survey: Exploring the inner AGB wind
2022A-S039 Kishalay De1 Search for molecular emission in an exceptional Galactic stellar merger candidate
2022A-S052 Eric Koch2 DDT: Combining the SMA and JWST to confirm a young massive cluster progenitor in M33
2022A-S053 Lauren Rhodes6 DDT: GRB 221009A
2022A-S055 Michael McCollough1 A Request for Simultaneous SMA and IXPE Polarization Observations

B-ranked tracks with successful observations:
Project IDP.I.TracksTitle (hover for abstract)
2022A-A012 Hau-Yu Baobab Liu2 Turbulence and magnetic fields in high mass star forming clump G31 and DR21
2022A-A013 Hau-Yu Baobab Liu3 Does Converging Flows or Magnetic Fields Drive the Differential Evolution of L1287?
2022A-S006 Jonathan Tan5 A Spectral Line Survey of Clustered Massive Protostars to Probe the Astrochemical Evolutionary Sequence
2022A-S013 Pamela Freeman2 Where are the Carbon Chain Molecules in DR21(OH)?
2022A-S017 Manuel Fernandez Lopez2 Dispersal explosive outflows in massive star-forming regions: more common than thought? Confirming the trend in S106IR.
2022A-S019 Anna Ho3 The Landscape of Relativistic Stellar Explosions
2022A-S029 Cosima Eibensteiner3 Untangling the molecular gas physics in the center of the starburst galaxy NGC 6946
2022A-S030 Megan Lewis2 SiO maser signatures of nearby evolved stars
2022A-S033 Daria Dall'Olio2 Unveling magnetic fields in the high-mass star-forming region G24.78+0.08
2022A-S034 Glen Petitpas1 The Beautiful and Enigmatic Spiral Galaxy NGC 7331
2022A-S036 Fengwei Xu1 Investigate the Fragmentation by SMA Inside the Gas Infalling Massive Clumps
2022A-S039 Kishalay De1 Search for molecular emission in an exceptional Galactic stellar merger candidate
2022A-S040 Junhao Liu8 A pilot dust polarization survey of massive dense cores in Cygnus-X
2022A-S041 Xiurui Zhao3 Mornitoring with SMA a Highly Variable Flat Spectrum Radio Quasar in the JWST North Ecliptic Pole Time-Domain Field
2022A-S047 Ioannis Myserlis8 SMAPOL: SMA Monitoring of AGNs with POLarization

Current or completed Large Scale Programs spanning ALL semesters:
Project IDP.I.TracksTitle (hover for abstract)
2012B-S097 Qizhou Zhang3 Star Formation in the Central Molecular Zone
2013A-S079 Michael Dunham3 (p)MASSES: (pilot) Mass Assembly of Stellar Systems and their Evolution with the SMA
2013B-S091 Eric Keto61 CMZ
2014A-S093 Michael Dunham55 MASSES: Mass Assembly of Stellar Systems and their Evolution with the SMA
2017A-S060 Garrett "Karto" Keating50 The Millimeter-wave Intensity Mapping Experiment (mmIME)
2017B-S075 Jan Forbrich105 SMA Survey of Resolved Dust and Simultaneous CO Observations of GMCs in M31
2019A-A022 Shih-Ping Lai2 Mosaic Polarization Observations towards Star-forming Cores