Current A-ranked Projects

A-ranked projects with tracks tracks in the queue or complete
Project IDP.I.TracksTitle (hover for abstract)
2021B-A003 Chia-Ying Chung3 A statistical study to constrain grain growth efficiency in protoplanetary disks
2021B-A004 Dipen Sahu2 Stability of centrally dense prestellar cores at a scale of 2000 AU
2021B-A005 Naomi Hirano3 Magnetic fields in the central regions of prestellar cores
2021B-A006 Yuji Urata1 Electro-magnetic wave candidate of IceCube Neutrino event
2021B-A008 Zhen-Kai Gao1 SMA STUDIES IV: SCUBA-2 450m Close Pairs
2021B-A011 Chia-Ying Chung3 A statistical study to constrain grain growth efficiency in protoplanetary disks
2021B-H001 Lennox Cowie8 A uniquely massively star-forming protocluster at z=3.15 in the GOODS-N
2021B-H002 Suchitra Narayanan4 Search for sulfur organics in embedded disks in the Taurus molecular region
2021B-H003 Jonathan Williams6 Do disks clear out gradually or suddenly?
2021B-S001 Richard Teague5 Is the Magneto-Rotational Instability Driving Protoplanetary Disk Evolution?
2021B-S004 Qizhou Zhang1 Magnetic Fields and protocluster formation
2021B-S012 Sean Andrews6 Disk Evolution using the "Distributed" Taurus Population
2021B-S013 Anna Ho1 The Landscape of Relativistic Stellar Explosions
2021B-S017 Feng Long1 Mapping the Gas Environment of Heavily Veiled Young Stars
2021B-S034 Jennifer Bergner2 Molecular mapping of the chemically rich outflow B1-a
2021B-S037 Andrew Burkhardt1 Resolving the Redshifted Outflow in the New Chemically-Active Outflow HH114: Is There a Precessing Jet, Episodic Ejection(s), or Both?
2021B-S043 Steven Willner1 Disentangling radiating particle properties and jet physics from M87 multi-wavelength variability (copied from 2021A-S047)
2021B-S044 Joe Bright1 Constraining the Nature and Progenitors of the Fast Blue Optical Transients
2021B-S049 Garrett "Karto" Keating10 Polarimetric VLBI for the 2022 Event Horizon Telescope Campaign
2021B-S051 Sara Issaoun11 Probing Black Hole Accretion Flows with Faraday Rotation
2021B-S053 Venkatessh Ramakrishnan4 Polarimetric monitoring of the flaring blazar 1156+295
2021B-S054 Nathan Roth4 A Search for Distributed Sources at Small Heliocentric Distance in Comets C/2021 A1 (Leonard) and C/2021 O3 (PanSTARRS)
2021B-S066 Deanne Fisher2 Testing Feedback Theory in Starbursting Disk Galaxies Extended Tracks
2021B-S067 Eric Koch1 Ay191 project: The resolved molecular gas in a nascent tidal dwarf galaxy

B-ranked tracks with successful observations:
Project IDP.I.TracksTitle (hover for abstract)
2021B-S014 Joshua Lovell3 Protoplanetary disc dissipation in Taurus: is dispersal rapid or gradual?
2021B-S029 Leticia Virginia Ferrero1 Revealing the disk and the HH 31 jet/outflow, associated with IRAS 04248+2612, at small scales.
2021B-S047 Josep Miquel Girart2 Molecular inventory of HH2

Current or completed Large Scale Programs spanning ALL semesters:
Project IDP.I.TracksTitle (hover for abstract)
2012B-S097 Qizhou Zhang3 Star Formation in the Central Molecular Zone
2013A-S079 Michael Dunham3 (p)MASSES: (pilot) Mass Assembly of Stellar Systems and their Evolution with the SMA
2013B-S091 Eric Keto61 CMZ
2014A-S093 Michael Dunham55 MASSES: Mass Assembly of Stellar Systems and their Evolution with the SMA
2017A-S060 Garrett "Karto" Keating50 The Millimeter-wave Intensity Mapping Experiment (mmIME)
2017B-S075 Jan Forbrich82 SMA Survey of Resolved Dust and Simultaneous CO Observations of GMCs in M31
2019A-A022 Shih-Ping Lai2 Mosaic Polarization Observations towards Star-forming Cores