Call for Proposals for SMA Filler Projects

On occasion the SMA has short periods of unallocated time available before or after regularly-scheduled nightly observations. Such time typically consists of one to three hours, though longer periods may be available. The SMA solicits proposals for scientific observations during these time periods. Filler projects are appropriate for experimental or risky observations that otherwise might have difficulty obtaining observing time, or observations to support future proposals or to complete projects in progress that just need a little more data.

Because these filler projects will generally run in short tracks, the more successful projects will be those that do not require much calibration time or those that are able to take advantage of the bandpass and flux calibrations of a regularly scheduled observation. Observations in the continuum or a commonly observed line such as CO have the best chance of matching up with other observations.

Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis and may be submitted anytime. Currently, filler projects are accepted only from SMA, ASIAA, and IfA staff. Filler proposals will be reviewed by a small committee for technical feasibility and to avoid conflict with scheduled observations. Filler projects have lower priority than scheduled observations. Approved filler projects will automatically expire 365 days after submission, regardless of whether they have been completed.

Submit a proposal for a filler project