Historic ASIC Passband Visualizer (for 2014B and older data sets)

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Current correlator tool is here.

This tool displays the location of the selected spectral line or frequency in the SMA passband in either the "1 receiver 4 GHz" or "1 receiver 2 GHz" mode, along with other spectral lines (available in the catalog). The atmospheric transmission across the SMA passband also may be displayed, computed using version 5.2 of the am atmospheric model developed by Scott Paine, by specifying the optional items zenith angle and precipitable water vapor. This tool may be used to determine, for example, how to configure the SMA passband to allow for simultaneous observation of multiple spectral lines of interest.

Correlator Mode
Specify a line or enter your own frequency
Spectral band to locate line

Optional: V_LSR adjusts the frequency based on the input LSR radial velocity.

VLSR: km/s
Zenith angle:
Precipitable water vapor:
Atmospheric absorption will take several seconds
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